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Comedian Steve Caminiti!

Donnie B's Summer Comedy Series Presents Comedian Steve Caminiti! September 24th 8:30 PM Steve Caminiti is funny! His big smile and friendly style ensure a great night of entertainment. The unique insight he holds into the awkward relationship between men and women, as well as the humor associated with every day life has not gone unnoticed. [...]

Comedian Steve Caminiti!2017-09-18T09:57:17-05:00

Comedian Nick Ganza!

Donnie B's Summer Comedy Series Presents Comedian Nick Ganza! August 27th 8:30 PM Nick Gaza is a funny, sick, twisted bastard . His act is a mixture of hysterical true stories and things we can only hope aren't true. Nick makes fun of everyone: the audience, himself, and anyone else that gets in his sights. [...]

Comedian Nick Ganza!2017-09-18T09:57:17-05:00

Comedian Blind Stein!

Donnie B's Summer Comedy Series Presents Comedian Blind Stein! July 16th 8:30 PM Have you ever wondered what the world might look like through the eyes of a blind man? You will. For the last four years Matt Stein, winner of the 'Central Illinois’ 2013 Most Dangerous Comic’, has taken to the road with a [...]

Comedian Blind Stein!2017-09-18T09:57:17-05:00

Comedian James Yon!

Donnie B's Summer Comedy Series* Presents Comedian James Yon! June 18th 8:30 PM This Florida native is one of America's hottest up and coming comedians. He can be seen each and every Sunday at 11pm hosting his own show, "Viral Breakdown" on the Afrotainment Channel on Dish Network. He has graced the stage with some [...]

Comedian James Yon!2017-09-18T09:57:18-05:00

Chantilly Lace Night Club Reunion!

1st Reunion of Chantilly Lace Night Club June 11th from 6-10 PM! CUSTOMERS FROM 1987-1993  WHEN IT WAS THE PLACE TO HAVE FUN! JOIN US AT THE WESTSIDE PUB & GRILL JUNE 11TH FROM 6-10PM.  Hang out with the old gang: Dandy Don, Cowboy Jerry (Weisel), Ray Eilers, Lonesome Larry, Hallie, Janice and many more regulars!  DJ Dandy Don [...]

Chantilly Lace Night Club Reunion!2016-05-10T11:31:52-05:00

Comedian Matt Holt!

May 6 & 7 Nightly Showtimes: 7:30 & 9:30p This is the final show of the regular season! MATT HOLT Matt Holt is the youngest of eight kids. No, his family is not Catholic. They do drink, swear and gamble…they just don't believe in repenting for it! The story of his life begins with the [...]

Comedian Matt Holt!2017-09-18T09:57:18-05:00

Comedian Bob Jay!

Donnie B's Summer Comedy Series Presents Comedian Bob Jay! May 21st 8:00 PM Chicago comedian Bob Jay swears that when he first started perfecting impressions of John Wayne and The Muppets, it was just the idle work of a boy with too much time on his hands. Little did he know that these voices and [...]

Comedian Bob Jay!2017-09-18T09:57:18-05:00